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Jarva Cakes is composed of the dynamic mother-daughter team, Michelle and Keisha Shields. 


We are currently located in beautiful Kennebunk, Maine.  Our handcrafted product cures anytime cravings for warm, chocolatey bliss.


By utilizing rationed portions, we control the calories and maximize tastiness. Our secret cake recipe allows one to enjoy an easy-to-make lava cake ready in just a moment's notice.


Flavors are put through rigorous levels of testing to ensure the highest quality ingredients and product. Jarva Cakes are uniquely paired with handmade chocolate ganaches and dry wholesome cake mix. One cake has an outstanding shelf life of two years when stored in dry, room temperature conditions right around 75 degrees. 

We value each and every customer as if they are family. We strive to uphold only the best quality customer service and reflect our family values within our business framework. Please feel free to contact us personally for any comments, questions, or feedback!

A Little Bit More About Our Cakes And How We Got Started:


The idea for single portion chocolate cake stemmed from a constant demand for sweets within our home. Michelle’s husband, Dean, has little restraint when it comes to portion control. When cake is available, he has no limits and ends up consuming the entire thing in one sitting. Jarva Cakes allow Dean to indulge in his cravings without sacrificing his tastebuds but limiting guilt in his gut. The trademark name "jarva cake" comes from "lava cake in jar". In 2013, we started out packaging our cakes in 4 oz. mason jars.  As time went on, our customers' only complaint was wanting a larger cake, so we decided to convert our packaging to the ripple cup we use today. In addition to holding more cake, the ripple cup is more user friendly and lighter to ship.

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