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Lava cake club


A tasty monthly treat delivered right to your doorstep! When chocolate cravings strike, what's better than to have individual easy lava cakes on hand? The best part: you don't even need to reorder; they will be automatically shipped to your location of choice every month. 


  • Subscriptions are available in 3 or 6 month options.

  • Available to order any time of the year.

  • Each monthly package is custom designed to include 4 surprise Jarva Cakes

  •  A one time shipping and handling fee of $18.00. (For example a 3 or 6 month subscription only charges you once at check out for shipping).

  • Purchase for yourself or order for a loved one to remind them just how much you care about their sweet tooth.

  • Treat yourself and have these blissful cakes on hand to enjoy as a sweet reward weekly. Or, if you feel like sharing, you can brighten 3 other loved ones' day with a yummy surprise! 

  • Members will also be the first to recieve our newest seasonal flavors. Pre-released even before our retails start carrying it!


Corporate Gift To celebrate the end of the work week, treat an office to a Lava Cake Friday to perk things up a little!

Away from Home Students  A reminder from home to encourage and support your student with a sweet treat that is easy to make in their dorm room.

Chocolate Lovers  A single serving of a well-deserved delightful treat just because we all crave it! Jarva cakes are fast becoming Maine's best dessert!

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